About Us

I have been training, showing, competing with and breeding Labrador Retrievers for over 16
years now, and my love of this breed still continues to grow.

I am a small hobby breeder, producing only a couple of litters a year.
Their joy with life is infectious and nothing warms my heart more than watching a new litter
of puppies learning about the world around them, and it thrills me to see the joy they bring
their new families.

My intention is to the betterment of the breed while maintaining breed standards. I breed for
temperament, health and sound structure and all dogs are tested for the problems that can
be genetically inherited prior to being bred. Including OFFA hips and elbows, color doppler
heart testing, EIC testing, CERF and PRA eyes. No dogs falling below standards are entered
into my breeding program, no matter how “nice” they may appear. As new advancements in
medicine are made and better testing options made available I take full advantage of the
opportunity to further test my dogs for more accurate results to assure I am doing all I can to
maintain and improve the health of this wonderful breed.

I have produced some wonderful dogs that compete successfully in the show ring as well
as in obedience and hunt trails. Several of my dogs have gone on the become Delta
Certified therapy dogs and are currently working in their field. First and foremost I produce
superior family companions.

My ultimate goal is to breed healthy, well rounded dogs that are willing to go anywhere and
try anything so to give others the same opportunity that I have; to see these wonderful dogs
at their very best and share the joy I experience every day.

Check out my Owned and Loved by Others page and you will see what I mean. From
puppies at the top of their obedience class to first timers in the field “bringing home the
bacon” and the wonderful therapy dogs assisting those with limitations and handicaps, not
to mention the happy family dogs whose job it is to make their families smile. My dogs have
got it all and are more than willing to give it all to those that love them.

I welcome inquires regarding up coming litters as well as up and coming competitors, so
please feel free to email with any questions about the dogs or the breed.

Member in good standing: AKC, LRC, LRCGD, CFRC, MHSDF, AFTC