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Books on the Labrador Retriever:


Churchill, Janet I. The New Labrador Retriever. Howell Book House, 1995, 287 p.
ISBN 0-87605-206-5
Well organized and very informative work by a well-known American breeder (Spenrock).

Coode, Carole. The Labrador Retriever Today. Howell Book House, 1993, 192 p.
ISBN 0-87605-207-3
Packed with information, well thought out and presented by a renowned British breeder

Howe, Dorothy. The Labrador Retriever. T.F.H. Publication, Inc., Ltd., 1984, 352p.
Additional chapters by Anna Katherine Nicholas. ISBN 0-87666-487-7
Excellent coverage of the breed by the force behind the Rupert prefix. This work is more
basic than others, and is a good addition for the beginner who is building his Labrador

Martin, Nancy. The Versatile Labrador Retriever. Doral Publishing, Inc. 1994, 320p.
Forward by Joan Read (Chidley). ISBN 0-9944875-31-9
If this book were on the Web, it would be an instant “Bookmark”. A must-have by the
respected breeder of Ayr Labradors. Comprehensive coverage of Labradors around the

Nicholas, Anna Katherine. The Book of the Labrador Retriever. T.F.H. Publication,
Inc., Ltd., 1983, 478p.
ISBN 0-87666-748-5
A great coffee-table book, full of color and black-and-white pictures, it is worth the
money if for no other reason. Fun to flip through with your dog’s pedigree in hand.

Warwick, Helen. The New Complete Labrador Retriever, 3rd Edition. Howell Book
House, Inc., 1986, 322p.
ISBN 0-87605-230-8
Wonderfully detailed history of the breed accompanied by a good overview of the
raising and training of a Labrador. Another foundation book for your library.